Thursday, January 15, 2015

Response to "10 Supreme Court Rulings—Before Hobby Lobby—That Turned Corporations Into People"

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Corporations Are Citizens, but Neither are People


In the eyes of US Law corporations and businesses for that matter are considered citizens.  This idea was given life in the early 1800's when it was decided that corporations were considered citizens of the state in which they reside.  I find it amusing that this fact seems to rile people up and get them so upset.  If we look at the wording of the cases in which corporations are considered citizens, we see that they are not granted the rights of the People, as only the People can have actual rights and not citizens.  It is important to note that even a 'person' is typically a legal term used to refer to a citizen. 

So while corporations are fighting for their rights as citizens, as the People have granted them permission to do, many 'persons' are getting upset about these things.  I must declare that instead of getting upset about what privileges companies are working towards having as citizens, it is more important for each of the People to stand up and recognize their own rights as People, and not lower themselves to citizen status.  Our rights as People are currently alive and active, but should we forget to give them breath and instead give our breath to the privileges of corporations, they will be lost in the pages of musty history books.

As amused as I am by the anger and frustration expressed at the decisions to call corporations citizens and to grant them 'rights', I am also saddened at knowing that many people do not recognize that citizens are recognized as corporations with privileges, and these 'citizens' (the ones that really are people) bicker amongst themselves regarding the supreme court decisions, they are trading in their rights as People, for privileges as citizens by lowering themselves to the level of a corporation, even though they feel that the corporation is being raised up to their level. 

Do some research into Supreme Court law and you will find that in nearly all circumstances the Right's of the People are held above all other law and statutes issued by and for the citizens.  Even many cases are held in favor of people that believe they are citizens when fundamental rights are at stake.  Throughout my site and the internet itself you will find oodles of law that has been passed from the Supreme Court for the protection of the people and people believing they are citizens.  

The Supreme Court and most systems of law are not out enemy, they are tools used for good and bad like everything else.  Don't be deceived by those who's hearts are filled with hate and minds full of ignorance. Educate yourself on the issues of law and the people's rights my site is an infinitesimally small example of what kind of information is available for the People to use. 

This article was written in response to the claims of the article linked below and the commentary of those who posted there. The article does have some very valuable information and indeed taught me some new things, however the title is misleading and so are some of the points made.  

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