Friday, January 9, 2015

Theory of Law I - Natural Law in Secular Court

Upholding Natural Law in a Secular Court

A look at Natural Law and how it apples in Secular Court 

Most of what I portray on this site is law theory, don't take anything I say as a fact, do your own research and draw your own conclusions. I am simply pointing out some commonly overlooked facts of law and government, but I may never be able to say how they will apply in your jurisprudence (theory or philosophy of law).  When I am applying my theory that is when it becomes law, until then it is nothing but an idea.  The only person that can give you legal advice is an attorney, simply because the definition of Legal advice is advice given by an attorney.  I focus on law and jurisprudence, I am only giving you an idea of what to look for and do not claim this to be the highest truth, you must find that on your own, no one not even a lawyer can show you that. 

The best way to avoid trouble with the law is to not break the law.  Natural and Universal law are self enforcing, if your break the law of the universe it may take some time but you will be punished eventually in some means or another, this is known as Karma or balance.  If you are of the natural law then written law may not come against you, to quote the Aramaic Translation of the Bible "But if you are led by The Spirit, you are not under The Written Law.". If they should come against you, you will acquire the information to overcome them. To be of the spirit one must always live by universal law, these laws in addition to not infringing on others rights,  would also include not eating flesh and not using or harming the earths oil (blood).  It takes years to transform from a life of bad deeds and lies into a righteous life.  Although it takes time as long as you take steps toward progress your actions are sure to be rewarded, and as such you will be protected.  But it is important to always remain humble to the natural law and this means to be humble to others even when they attempt to take your personal liberties.

All of my Law must first stem from natural law and grow into my own right, I am nothing without the authority of natural law.  In the secular court I must declare my status as a People (one who owns the government) and not a citizen (one subject to the government). As a People I am recognized as sovereign by the authorities of the supreme court, which should carry weight in a lesser court if proposed in the right manner.  In my upcoming article "Owning Your Court" I will be discussing one way to apply case law in an authoritative manner.  As a defendant of lets say a traffic violation, it typically does no good to quote a case or higher law,  the plaintiff is the one declaring the law and your have entered his court, he is not expected to accept your law.  You must enter the position of the sovereign plaintiff in your own supreme court to decree your own law.

“The very meaning of 'sovereignty' is that the decree of the sovereign makes law.”
     [American Banana Co. v. United Fruit Co]

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