Sunday, December 14, 2014

Court Decorum

Knowing all the law in the world doesn't mean anything if you can't hold the proper etiquette in the court.  The lawyer or attorney acts on your behalf, not only do they know how to do legal paperwork they act as a buffer for your emotions. You may be mad or shrilled at what someone has done to you, but a court room is a place to exchange facts and law, not a place for heated debate. Although there may be circumstances when an oral argument have won a case or a single point, many heated arguments lead to an arrest, or discredit your character.  Most casework is handled in written form. Filing paperwork and following court procedure is very helpful to convincing the court, you are right.

Being angry is a sign of weakness, rest in the calm serenity of the wisdom and knowledge you have built into the case. “Calm and Assertive” as Ceaser Millan would say. It is facts and information that win a case. The more people like you the more willing they are to listen to your points. Don't make enemies with the court room officials, without them all the points and law you bring up would be null, you need the help of others to enforce law. Each courthouse has different rules no hats, cellphones etc. if you want to challenge the rule be ready to accept it, perhaps ask “what is the basis of your request?” it was in this manner I was allowed to where head cover in the courtroom.

The court room is the last place you want to disrespect anyone or have an oral argument. If you don't like a decision object, if the objection is denied, state the objection again for the record and later file a motion against the judges decision. Paper is the sword in the court room, having an oral argument with a lawyer is a treacherous trail to tread. If you have prepared for your case and approached it from a multiple perspectives, and have a clear intention of the outcome you want to achieve, there is no reason to be in a rush.

As a sovereign you have the power and authority to decree law, but so does everyone other person and assumed sovereign entity. Don't step on the toes of those that can help you at a later date, even if you disagree, do it humbly.

Being respectful, following a procedure and having a sense of decorum is the best way to display the gems you wish to display in the court.

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